I signed up with doba.com just to see their prices since you cannot view them without an account. They had a "Guaranteed Lowest Prices" and a 7 day trial, so I signed up to see what they offer. What a mistake that was. Doba prices (for electronics) are not cheaper than anyone's, (I found some prices cheaper at Wal-Mart). They do not guarantee the lowest prices, and they do not have a 7 day trial once they get your billing information. I canceled my account just 3 days into the "trial" and had a *** of a time trying to get them to cancel it. They charged my credit card $199 during their free trial period and said they will not refund my $199 when I canceled my account, which is still open!

Then they call me again two different times later in the month to try to upgrade me a new service plan. I told them again I'm not interested and cancel my account, but to this day it is still open. I called my credit card that day I canceled to challenge the charge and so far it looks like I will not be paying $199 for nothing.

I recommend anyone do not even think of signing up with Doba.com. They have nothing good to offer you but take your money.

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Thanks for the info saved me from signing up


Try calling your credit card company and request to block that charge. Do not take no for an answer. Doba is a ripoff company and they do not deserve a dime.


I signed with Doba for their free trial, the next thing I knew they were charging my account for that so-called FREE TRIAL. I want to know what is the best way to stop them from charging my account each month

to Rick Van***e Glendale, Arizona, United States #591365

thanks for the warning . I started to sign up with Doba but read reviews first, They only got my email address and are now flooding me with emais to complete the sign up.( want credit card number) stay away from these guys and do your homework. DON'T give credit card info.


this is very helpful, Thank you for posting :eek

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